What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS services can be used to send thousands of SMS simultaneously to different groups of people. It is a cost-effective means for businesses to communicate with its customers.

What can I use bulk SMS service for?

You can use bulk SMS service as a promotion to send messages to your customers about new offers, discounts, product launch and so on. You can also use it to send OTPs, account details, purchase confirmations and other transactional details

What is a promotional SMS service?

Promotional SMS services are used to promote or market services and products. This can be only sent to non DND (Do Not Disturb) numbers between morning 9 to night 9.

What is transactional bulk SMS service?

The transactional bulk SMS services are used to convey important business transactional messages or vital information to both DND and non-DND customers.

Do you create sender IDs?

We do not create sender IDs. The user has to create it. The customer will be shown “Approved” or “Pending” depending on the status.

Is there any rule for creating a sender ID?

Yes, for transactional SMS, the sender ID will be of 6 characters length. For promotional SMS, it is a 6 digit numeric.

Can I get a demo before buying the GSM Gateway Bulk SMS service?

No, we do not give any demo facilities to our customers in GSM Gateway bulk SMS services.

Do you provide any reports of bulk SMS?

Yes, we provide reports of the bulk SMS. You can access it from your account on GSM Gateway.

Can I send SMS messages to any network through the GSM Gateway bulk SMS services?

Yes, you can send SMS to any network through our GSM Gateway services.

Is there any refund of non-delivered SMS?

If there are any issues from our side regarding promotional SMS sent to DND numbers, the amount of that will be credited to your wallet. We are not responsible for issues caused by network operators.

Is there any limit to the SMS that can be sent in one go?

1 lakh SMS can be sent at a time through GSM Gateway.

Do you follow the TRAI rules while sending SMS?

It is mandatory to follow the TRAI rules and regulations while sending bulk messages. Any deviation from the norm invites penalty from TRAI.

Can I send SMS to DND numbers?

Only transactional SMS is allowed on DND numbers. Promotional messages cannot be pushed to DND numbers. This can attract a penalty by TRAI.

Do you provide API with the bulk SMS service?

The API provides an interface for data transmission between different software products. GSM Gateway provides you with an API. You will be charged extra if you need us to integrate it in your software.